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Specials valid 19th - 29th of November 2019

Nordflam Ivory

Nordflam’s latest addition to their range. One of the only slow combustion fireplace available with a double baffle system. The unit comes with primary, secondary as well as air wash for great combustion and efficiency.Enter your text here...

Carbel Kronos 60, 70 & 80

A fine balance between size and performance makes these models the ideal solution for most installations.
– Larger combustion chamber.
– Optional exterior air intake.
– Front air outlet adjustment system.
– no ashdraw

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  • +27 81 538 0810
  • +27 21 981 4401

19th - 29th November 2019


A stove that offers an excellent view of the fire, thanks to its large combustion chamber.

Primary and secondary adjustable air intakes for complete control over burning. Double deflector system. Now available with THERMIC interior, for a high level of thermal inertia.


Modern and efficient. Its horizontal format offers a large combustion chamber, with a useable width of over 50cm. Panoramic glass front that offers an unbeatable view of the fire. Efficiency 79%. Kronos technology, large combustion chamber, optional exterior air intake, front air outlet adjustment system. Thermic interior.