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The KAW-MET foundry is a long standing family run company where experience is gathered through practice and is passed on from generation to generation. 

Its history stretches back to 1981.  

The foundry has been aimed at producing heating appliances since its conception: cast iron fireplaces, free standing stoves, cast iron boiler elements.

Steel or cast iron fireplace? We have been focusing on cast iron for years.

It is a durable material that works most efficiently with fire. Can cast iron be even better?
Our foundry team decided to prove that it is. In cooperation with the Rzeszów University of Technology, we have developed a new type of material with a modified chemical composition and microstructure: cast iron with vermicular graphite in a ferretic matrix. The breakthrough technology has not been used in the world so far and is protected by a patent.

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As part of the Intelligent Development Operational Program, we have completed an advanced project to implement an innovative technology for the production of vermicular cast iron fireplace inserts with graphite with a ferretic matrix with a higher thermal power and longer life than traditional fireplaces.

As a result of the research carried out for several months, an innovative type of cast iron was developed, distinguished by definitely better functional properties, high durability and strength. We have proved that the properties and functions of the product being created essentially distinguish it from other products available on the market, and thus determine its innovation. What is extremely important, we are talking about product innovation on an international scale, because the breakthrough technology that has been developed has not been used in the production of fireplaces not only in Poland, but also around the world. The unique properties of the product are also confirmed by the patent granted by the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland. 

The use of a material with a modified chemical composition and microstructure (vermicular cast iron with graphite with a ferretic matrix) and the application of a metallic coating on the surface reflecting heat to the environment allowed for a significant increase in thermal power while maintaining the same dimensions of the fireplace compared to competitors’ fireplace inserts (by approx. 30 %)

It is also important to increase the efficiency of the new generation cartridges by about 30% compared to cartridges made of gray cast iron. Due to the reduced demand for wood, they reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and tar by approx. 30% compared to gray cast iron inserts, favoring the improvement of air quality. Due to the increased ecological awareness of consumers, the demand for high-power devices with low operating costs increases. and high energy and ecological efficiency.




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New generation fireplace inserts are characterized by increased thermal conductivity and thus a shorter room heating time (by approx. 30%)


Thanks to the greater efficiency and power of the fireplace, the demand for wood will be reduced by about 35%. This will bring significant savings in the use of the fireplace.


Cast iron with vermicular graphite, compared to the previously used cast iron with flake graphite, is characterized by a much higher tensile strength, confirmed by tests, greater plasticity and resistance to loads and thermal fatigue. This extends the life of the fireplace insert and its components.

From the point of view of the customer who installs a fireplace in the house, the new technology provides him with: reduced service costs, less wood consumption, faster heating of the room. In addition, lower wood consumption gives ecological benefits related to the reduction of exhaust emissions to the environment.

Over the last twenty years, the high quality of fireplaces and stoves manufactured by KAWMET has been repeatedly verified by thousands of customers who have used the company’s products in the implementation of many demanding investments.

One of the driving forces of economic growth is innovation. KAWMET Foundry, focusing on continuous development, creates and implements innovative solutions and successfully introduces new products to the market. For this reason, the implemented project is of great importance, as it will significantly contribute to the development of a wide range of KAWMET products.