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The traditions of Defro dates back to 1973.

Currently, Defro is the biggest manufacturer of boilers fired with solid fuels in Poland and one of the biggest in Europe.

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At Hyper Fires, we’re proud to promote the exceptional products from Defro. As a leader in the heating industry, Defro continues to impress with their dynamic development and commitment to excellence.

Their modern production plant boasts over 30,000 square meters of space and employs approximately 630 people. With a network of over 1,000 distributors and 2,000 fitters, Defro is well-equipped to meet the needs of customers around the world. Their team of experienced engineers, qualified and certified welders, professional administrative staff, executives, and technical advisors ensures that every aspect of their operation is handled with expertise and care.

Defro’s commitment to safety and quality is evident in their inclusion on the Golden List of Employers of the National Labour Inspectorate in 2017. They were also awarded the title of “Employer – Organizer of Safe Work” together with the statuette “Mecum Tutissimus Ibis”. This recognition confirms their long-term actions within the scope of occupational safety and health.

With their own research laboratory, Defro is able to innovate and develop clean solid fuels technology for units with the power to 1 MW. Their testing stations and systems allow for research and development works on each stage of the central heating boilers development process to ensure the highest quality of production. Defro’s products already comply with the strictest environmental regulations, including the upcoming EU regulations concerning the emissions of boilers flue gases, stoves, and other heat equipment, set to be introduced in 2022.

At our Hyper Fires, we’re proud to offer Defro’s excellent quality inserts, which not only offer exceptional performance but also protect the environment by minimising dust and carbon dioxide emissions. Research has proven that their products comply with BlmSchV2 and Eco design norms, reflecting their commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. Choose Defro for quality, innovation, and reliability in heating technology.


Understanding the classification and regulations that govern stoves is essential when choosing the right heating product for your home. Stoves can be classified as accumulative room heaters, and the regulations for this type of device are outlined in the PN-EN 13229 norm.

According to this document, stoves must not emit more than 3345mg/Nm3 or 3000 ppm of carbon dioxide. However, the Austrian BlmSchV and BlsmSchV2 norms have even stricter regulations for allowable emissions for stoves. The BlmSchV norm, effective since March 22, 2010, allows for a maximum of 4000 mg/Nm3 of CO emissions for existing devices and 2000 mg/Nm3 for new devices. The newer BlmSchV2 norm, in effect since December 31, 2014, allows for carbohydrate emissions in new devices at no more than 1250 mg/Nm3.

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The Eco design directive from the European Council and Parliament imposes high requirements on fireplaces and all energy-powered devices used in building. This directive sets rules and criteria for implementing authorities to follow when regulating these devices. However, more detailed requirements are provided for devices that have a significant impact on the environment and play a major role in the European market.

All energy devices used in the European Union must comply with specific norms, including requirements for particulate emission range, carbon dioxide, or nitric oxide. The Eco design directive not only applies to boilers or heat pumps, but also to “wood-fueled room heaters”, which includes domestic fireplaces as an additional heat source.