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1. Orders are only accepted under the terms and conditions outlined in the 29 paragraphs that follow, and quotations are requested. All buyer terms and conditions are superseded by these terms, with the exception of the current Consumer Protection Act. You accept the following terms and conditions when you pay for the provided quote or invoice.
2. Although we will take every reasonable precaution, it is still the buyer’s obligation to confirm that the written information of the products they wish to buy are accurate on the quote before placing their order.
3. Proof of payment is required to validate an order for custom or specially imported products. After that, modifications cannot be done. 

4. Unless otherwise specified, advertised prices are typically exclusive of delivery. If a Hyper Fires subcontractor installs the product, delivery is free of charge, unless special delivery tools are needed or there is a mileage fee.

5. Please be aware that an approximate lead time to the delivery point for imported products will be provided upon order confirmation and payment receipt. Nevertheless, Hyper Fires disclaims all liability for any delays incurred in the delivery procedure. The company has no control over the weather, port traffic, cancelled freighters, supplier delays, or other similar events.

6. Unless specifically stated otherwise in writing, quotes are valid for 30 days.


7. Before an order may be processed, A 70% deposit must be paid. Order confirmation is pending receipt of 70% payment. In the event that site-specific delays occur, Hyper Fires will hold the product at its location or the supplier’s location for free for as long as is reasonably possible. In cases where Hyper Fires is unable to hold the items, the customer is required to pick them up or accept delivery right away.

8. Hyper Fires maintains the right to list a defaulter with the national credit bureaus of South Africa in order to pursue any unpaid balances.

9. Unless a Hyper Fires subcontractor is doing the installation, all deliveries quoted are for delivery only and do not include unpacking, handling, assembly, or installation. When placing a purchase, it is necessary to address any delivery requirements. Costs must also be confirmed before delivery.

10. If a courier delivers the goods instead of Hyper Fires installing or delivering them, the delivery is considered “roadside” and does not involve bringing the items inside unless specific delivery arrangements have been established. Particularly and more precisely for bulky items over 70 kg in weight, like braais and fires. To transfer the items inside, the client has to have extra help on hand.

11. If a scheduled delivery fails due to unavailability of the client, denied access, or inaccessible site route, fees may be incurred at either the courier or the normal rate currently charged by Hyper Fires.

12. Please note that all shipping timeframes listed are estimates and could vary before delivery. We will set up a new delivery date as soon as possible after the original one, but we do not assume responsibility for any consequential losses if delivery is delayed for any reason.
13. The client is required to sign for and inspect each delivery. Any claims for damaged or missing packages must be filed over the phone within 24 hours of receiving the products, and they must be confirmed in writing. Upon delivery, the packing must be inspected, and if any visible damage is found, a note must be made on the delivery note or way bill at that time. Any damage must be photographed upon delivery, with the delivery vehicle driver present. If these processes are not followed, we will not be able to make a claim from our insurance or the courier’s insurance. Please carefully inspect all packages, especially those containing glass pieces.

14. After delivery, the buyer assumes all risk.


15. To guarantee that your product stays in good shape, we advise that a cleaning maintenance program be taken into consideration. Please see the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions for specific cleaning information. If your product came without an operating handbook or care instructions, do let us know. Hyper Fires disclaims all liability for products that the buyer fails to properly maintain or use. Please get in touch with Hyper Fires for assistance if the client has any questions about upkeep or operation protocols.

16. An LPGSA-registered installer is required to install gas-operated products. If a gas fireplace is installed incorrectly, Hyper Fires is not liable. Always get in touch with your gas installer for an evaluation if you experience any issues with a gas product.

17. There is no guarantee against rust or discoloration on any steel grade.


18. If an item is returned in its original packing, unused, and unopened, it can be done so within 7 days. Items that have been made to order specifically, in stainless steel, or imported at the client’s request are not included in this. The products must be undamaged, and Hyper Fires will be the only one to decide if they are used or damaged.

19. If the customer cancels the order at any point after it has been confirmed, the deposit will not be returned for imported goods, stainless steel orders, or custom products.

20. Purchases returned after seven days are not eligible for a refund from Hyper Fires. If returns are accepted, a 15% handling, restocking, and repackaging fee will be deducted from the store credit that is given. A 15% administration charge will apply to any refund requests made for confirmed orders that are cancelled after seven days but before the product is kept for the customer. This does not include imported goods, stainless steel products, or custom orders.

21. It is the customer’s responsibility to return products to Hyper Fires if they make such a request and if the items were delivered or picked up from our store. Hyper Fires can make arrangements for the goods to be collected; however, the cost of collection will be borne by the client and must be paid in full before the goods are removed. In the event that the customer uses a third party that Hyper Fires or the customer arranges, the customer is responsible for making arrangements for insurance during the product’s transportation. The client bears the duty of ensuring that the goods are wrapped appropriately for courier delivery. Only after Hyper Fires receives the goods in excellent condition will risk and ownership pass.


22. Hyper Fires sells brands with varied manufacturer warranties; however, all products come with a minimum 24-month warranty from the date of purchase. However, the majority of products have longer warranty durations. Both poor workmanship and faulty parts are covered by this warranty. If Hyper Fires determines that a warranty claim is legitimate, it will either repair the product or replace it with an identical or comparable model. Hyper Fires alone has the authority to decide whether to replace, fix, or reject the claim. Wear and tear, faulty installation, misuse, and neglect are not covered under the guarantee. If you have any questions, speak with Hyper Fires or consult the warranty instructions specific to your product.

23. Installation warranties fall under the relevant subcontractor

24. A quote is given by a Hyper Fires subcontractor based on what is seen during measurement or when the client provides drawings. To finish the installation safely, more materials like core drilling, piping, pipe bends, and bespoke brackets may be needed. This is usually only required in cases of issues or unanticipated events where the flue pipe’s location needs to be changed because it is near combustible objects that could pose a risk or cause a fire. We will talk about additional material with the client and get their approval. The installation will proceed and the client will be billed appropriately if the client cannot be reached. All products are listed in Hyper Fires  quotations, whilst installation costs are listed in subcontractors’ quotes;

25. The customer and/or the client’s builder are responsible for making sure the site is prepared for installation after an installation date has been scheduled. The client will be charged the regular installation fee if a Hyper Fires subcontract installer shows up on site and is unable to install because the site is not ready. When scheduling installation dates, we kindly ask clients to keep this in mind.

26. Hyper Fires subcontractors only provides a plastered finish in situations where any wet labour, such as bricklaying and plastering, is necessary to complete an installation. Painting the plaster is not a service that we do.

27. Because some of our products are handcrafted, variations in their appearance and finish are expected and usual. This covers the painted finish, particularly on outdoor items that are meant to weather naturally.

28. Corrections & omissions accepted prices on the site might have changed since posted

29. Any dates given for delivery and completion of work are estimates only.