Four factors to consider

when purchasing a Built-in Braai

When looking to buy a built-in braai you will need to consider the following factors to determine the correct braai for your needs:

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When looking at material you need to consider whether the braai will be indoors or outdoors. If the braai is going to be outside especially the coastal areas you need to consider an s/steel like 3cr12, 304 or 316, instead of mild steel on braai’s. This will ensure a longer life for the product.

Mild steel braai’s require constant maintenance, as the paint is burnt of by direct flames the steel is exposed and as the oxygen binds with the steel it oxidises and starts to flake.



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Sizing on your braai will determine not only for how many people you would be able to braai for but also what accessories can be used and in what combination they can be used. Various accessories are available and you should consider what you would like to do with the braai before choosing the correct product. Standard sizes that are available are 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1400mm, 1500mm, 1600mm, 1800mm & 2000mm. These sizes are dependent on the type of braai and manufacturer.

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Select a GRid type


Choosing a model type

Deluxe one grid & Super Deluxe three grids. Deluxe. The Deluxe braai comes with only a cleaning draw where the Super Deluxe also has a warmer draw. The Deluxe comes standard with the normal double door option where you have a top and bottom door, the Super Deluxe comes with the new full single slide in door. The benefit of this door is no gap where the fat and ash can fall through and no top door which can rattle in the wind or drop on your head. Cheaper contractor braai’s are also available but here the flue size and braai height has been reduced. They are mainly sold to builders for spec houses, your standard hand grid cant be turned inside the braai due to the lack of height.


Your braai preference

Most South Africans prefer to braai with wood or charcoal but that is now changing over to gas. Often it is required to do a quick steak in the middle of the week; this is where the gas option comes in handy. Making wood fires and waiting for coals takes up too much time. 


We have a special range of Combo build-in braai’s which houses both a wood and a gas section which all works on one chimney and can be used individually or as a unit.

Select your preferred style of Braai


  • Rotating cowls must be greased twice a year. Not greasing the cowls will relate in water leakage and the fireplace smoking.
  • All steel exposed above roof level will corrode and should be treated accordingly. paint with NS4 and topcoat with enamel paint. s/steel parts will discolour when heat is applied.
  • When build-in braais or fireplaces are installed an expansion gap pf 20mm should be left between the brickwork and the unit.
  • All juntions and cowl boxes must be fixed with rivets or self-tapping screws
  • All seams on flues, junctions and cowl boxes must be sealed with heat resistant silicone.
  • Silicone wire should be used to connect the light fitting.
  • Any water leaks that may occur should be reported to the relevant installer directly by yourself, their contact numbers can be obtained from us.
  • Hyper Fires does not take the responsibility of any water leaks down the inside of the flue due to the cowl being galvanised [galvinsed cowls are heavy and to slow].
  • Please note that the installers used to install your fireplaceare subcontracted to you and should be paid directly by yourself.
  • All freestanding fireplaces are supplied standard with 3,6m flue. Any adional flue required to ensure the fireplace working optionallyare for the clients own account [unfortunately it is not always possible to advise telephonically the length of flue required]
  • Fireplaces and braais can be painted with Etch coat primer
  • Please note that it will seem as if the fireplace is smoking the first time when lit. This is quite normal, it’s the paint burning in. The fireplace will also give off a chemical smell, this will disappear after the first couple of hours.