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Calculate the minimum required kW output for your fireplace based on the size of the room.

All fireplaces heat volumetrically – please note that this is a guide only and adjacent  rooms that are open plan and cannot be blocked of must also be taken into consideration for your caluclation.

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    [md-card title="Add room dimensions below to calculate required kW output" subtitle="Complete all fields below to calculate the result"]

    [md-text label="Width (m)" outlined="yes" help="Width of area to be heated in meters"]


    [md-text label="Depth (m)" outlined="yes" help="Depth of area to be heated in meters"]


    [md-text label="Height (m)" outlined="yes" help="Height of area to be heated in meters"]


    [md-radio label="How well is the room insulated" display="inline"]
    Poorly InsulatedWell Insulated

    Well Insulated: Double glazed windows, properly insulated walls & ceilings

    Poorly Insulated: Single pane glass, no insulation in walls & ceiling


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    note: 5 kW is the lowest output available in our range of fireplaces