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Godin are one of the largest producers of stoves in France producing over 150,000 units per year and exporting them to all countries in the world. They have a long and established history starting production in 1840 with the Petit Godin.

The Godin cast iron foundry can be found in Guise, northern Aisne and has been manufacturing quality cast iron fireplaces since 1840 when Jean-Baptiste GODIN created the company that still bears his name today. Starting with the famous “Petit Godin”, a model which is still manufactured today, Godin has become one of Europe’s oldest and most respected companies. Their reputation and expertise are highly recognized and the company controls the entire manufacturing process from start to finish.

This brand offers a full range of cast iron, freestanding and insert, wood-burning and multifuel fireplaces. Top-selling models are the robust Cube and Fontemont; the enamelled, glossy Regence who’s vintage style and elegance captures French flair and finery. Most models such as the Petit Godin, the Regence and the Jurassien feature secondary combustion to ensure a very clean burn and most have a rear convection panel which offers some heat protection for your walls. Models come standard with an air-wash system, large removable ash pans with handles and a universal Godin fireplace tool.

Godin comes with a 1 year limited guarantee on specific internal parts, and a 5 year limited guarantee on the fireplace body. GODIN has received the ‘Origine France Garantie label’ issued by AFNOR Certification which allows companies to promote the “produce in France” and for consumers to choose to buy French. Godin is of 100% French origin and is imported from Guise in France with complete Guise innovation, character and quality.

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