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The NORDflam ASTI EKO fireplace stove is made of high-quality cast iron. Meets the requirements of ECODESIGN. Nordflam's cast iron stoves are manufactured in accordance with the highest European standards. All furnaces have a secondary combustion cycle that reduces the emission of harmful substances to a minimum. This process increases the thermal efficiency, which reduces the consumption of wood. The ASTI stove has a glass ceramic resistant to 700 degrees, a cast iron grate, an ash pan and a thermal glove.EQUIPMENT:regulation of primary and secondary air supply, deflector, cast iron grate, ashpan, user manual, protective glove. SPECIFICATION:depth 447 mm 707 mm wide height 760 mm weight 150 kg efficiency 71% diameter of the exhaust outlet 150 mm maximum log length 50 cm standard burning time 8 hours nominal power 12 kW heat-resistant glass air regulation and exhaust gas afterburningBENEFITS:aesthetically made furnace, primary and secondary air regulation, clear operating and assembly instructions, technical assistance and professional advice, a product from a company with over 20 years of experience in the production and distribution of heating devices in Poland and Europe, RECOMMENDATIONS:The installation site for the stove should be specially prepared, and the floor around it (at least 60 cm around it) should be made of heat and fire resistant materials, e.g. stone, clinker or ceramic tiles (tiles are the easiest to keep clean). If the floor is finished with wood, it must be absolutely protected with a stove or tempered glass plate, min. 6 mm.
13 kW


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