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NORDflam IBERIA This is a large NORDflam fireplace stove. Iberia has an adjustable tertiary air supply system to the combustion chamber, which flows into the firebox through inlets located on the rear wall of the chamber and burns up the wood gas released during the combustion process. Large glazing allows you to enjoy the wonderful vision of fire.Main parameters: 9 kW Nominal power 8-12 kW Heating power range 150 mm The diameter of the exhaust outlet 68% Energetic efficiency 0.15% CO emission at 13% O2 390 ° C Exhaust gas temperature 90 m 2 Heating capacity (m 2 ) 784x656x420 mm Dimensions 140 kg Weight deciduous wood Type of fuel cast iron Material AND Energy class 2 years Warranty ECODESIGN parameters 58% Seasonal energy efficiency at 13% O2 118 Organic gaseous compounds (OGC) emissions at 13% O2 45 Particulate matter (PM) emission at 13% O2 130 Emission of nitrogen oxides (NOx) at 13% O2 1875 Carbon monoxide (CO) emission at 13% O2 Additional Features: Deflector - extends the exhaust path, increasing heat dissipation to the room and improves the efficiency of the insert. Afterburning of gases - reduces the emission of harmful gases into the environment. Protective comb - protects the wood against falling out of the insert. Air curtain - reduces the deposition of soot on the glass. Double side and rear walls of the hearth - they protect the structure of the insert and increase its parameters. Grate Fireproof glass - fireproof glass that can withstand temperatures up to 700oC.
12 kW


Hyper Fires - - Sentinel Ottawa Square 12 - ottowa square in situ scaled 1 - Product

Ottawa Square dimensions 570 W x 420 D x 610 H

Cast Iron Insert Stoves

The Sentinel range of fireplace stoves is manufactured in Jiangsu Province, China, for The Woodstove Trading Company in South Africa.The Sentinel range focuses on the manufacture of high quality cast iron and steel stoves. Our range has various designs from traditional to contemporary. Our stoves range from 6KW up to 14KW heat output, ensuring an adequate heating option for any home or living space.

New Arrivals in The Sentinal Range

Sentinel Ottawa Range:This range has been designed as an advanced clean burning stove that is built to last for years to come. This stove is wonderfully hand constructed and blends traditional styling and modern efficiency. The Ottawa Range is made from thick steel plate, and is designed to stand the test of time. Clean lines make it suitable for a wide range of decor, styles and tastes. The stove is a multi-fuel stove that will deliver a reliable source of heat with an accurate degree of control.The Ottawa Curve and Compact stoves have an efficiency of 85%The Ottawa Square has an efficiency of 75%Clean Burn SystemThe Ottawa range has an advanced tertiary clean burn system that is controlled by a chrome pull leaver on the base of the stove. This leaver opens and closes a vent that pulls air over the fire, re burning the initial smoke emitted by the stove. This makes the stove a lot more efficient and eco friendly saving you a large amount on fuel costs.Air WashPre-heated air wash system to help keep the glass clean.Stove Construction
  • Body - 10mm thick steel top and 5mm thick steel plate sides.
  • Grate - Includes a virgin ore cast iron ash riddling grate.
  • Fire brick – Vermiculite – Curve and Compact units- Stone – Square unit
12 kW